About Acmi




“Acmi” is derived from an English brand that began its activities in the first years of automobile production in Iran to supply and produce various types of lights and other automotive related products. From the very beginning we have been building a high quality production and supply of products, and in the last few years, in order to complete the basket of goods, a change in the system of supply, production and packaging of ecological products was created in order to improve the quality of products, product variety, basket The goods will be thoroughly completed and ultimately the end customer’s needs will be met. During these years, we went through a lot of downs and downs thanks to God, the support of our colleagues and the constant efforts in seeking to satisfy the customer, and we hope that we will always reduce the defects and cooperate with all the legal and legal persons belonging to this complex to the stairs. The higher the level, because the ultimate goal of this collection has always been to satisfy customer satisfaction and get a halal day.




Based on the knowledge of powerful executives and the collaboration of our employees, Acmi has always been able to produce standard and high quality products, consumers welcomed their products and contributed to the growing number of products and brought many honors to them.